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About Lasting Remembrance

Memorial University Libraries are proud to present Lasting Remembrance: Newfoundland, Labrador and War, a digital humanities project that integrates GIS data with archival resources, digital images, digitized newspapers and historical information about the Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War. Our project assists scholars, students, and community members in their discovery and understanding of primary and secondary sources related to Newfoundland and Labrador’s First World War experience.

Our maps, developed by staff and students in the Map Room, allow you to browse events and resources on a global scale, enriching this exploration with historical-spatial context not often present in lectures or text books. Students are able to watch the progress of the war in a time-lapsed global view of battles and shifting alliances, see where soldiers of St. John’s called home, and discover archival and library sources to further your study.

Memorial Libraries have invested significant resources to digitize of the full run of daily newspapers The Evening Telegram and The Daily Star from the wartime period. You can read more about that in MUN Today. We have also digitized and organized a large number of archival resources on the First World War that can be found in our digital archive.

We launched the first iteration of our GIS interface in June 2019. Additional information will be added to the website as research becomes available. The "Those Who Served" database contains the first 500 and will continue to grow. Our goal is to include all members of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in the First World War, Nurses, those who worked at Voluntary Aid Detachments, and the Merchant Marine. We are always interested in hearing about the ways was can add new resources and update our information. Questions about this project should be directed to Kathryn Rose (

The initial project team is comprised of:

  • Kathryn Rose, Liaison Librarian for History (Chair)
  • Dan Duda, Head of QEII Library Map Room
  • David Mercer, GIS Specialist
  • Linda White, Archives and Special Collections
  • Shawn Warner, Senior IT Consult